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About the Series



Dusk and Dawn is about the contrasts felt and perceived during the two very different time periods of the day. While some gravitate more towards sunrise and the hours following, others find their comforts after the sun has set. 

The Dawn series represents more of a soothing undertone, with the usage of less contrast. This serves to depict the calmness of the period and the new beginnings each morning brings with it. 

Dusk however, illustrates bolder colors, which portray how much one has experienced throughout the day. With an inclination to more chaotic vibes met by the calming of the sunset. And the lingering mystery of what twilight brings. 


This series originally came into existence last year, whilst discovering a passion for one-line pieces. No two faces are the same, nor was this the intention. The aim was not to raise the pen until the end, to allow uncertainty.

For months, the interconnectivity people were accustomed to, was denied and new means of communication arose. On one hand; in a joking matter, this did depict the idea of what nightlife would be like, for singles, in a post covid world. And on the other; the inevitability, for a need of human connection. That none of us could exist without another.



Same-same, but different. The muse of this motive originates from a couple within one of the C L U B ’22 series. Through each print transfer, the paint acquired new attributes and layers.

Similarly to relationships, where over time, two individuals, form an entity and transmute. The unique painting patterns, should illustrate, the thrill of synapses/neurons firing, leading to the creation of new memories and life. All while taking into consideration that each individual contains an irreplaceable thinking pattern and now two sides are the same.


Throughout the various lockdowns, humans were more or less concealed to their apartments. Naturally, wild animals roamed the streets for exploration, while citizens had restricted access. To a certain degree, nature was given the rare opportunity to unfold, without any human interference. In cities around the world, animals, from pumas to jackals, were photographed strolling through streets and parks, whilst some species, such as birds, changed their migration patterns. It also gave scientists an exclusive insight into future coexistence on this increasingly crowded Earth.

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